A quick insight into the most important games of all time

. Blackjack

All-time classic card adventure. Experts believe it came about in the 16th century because Servantess mentioned it in 1601, one of his literary masterpieces. Try not to exceed 21 points while competing with the dealer for the highest score, and hope that the dealer will not get the ace!

. Slots

A perfect example of technology has retained this classic game and raised it to the next level. Since 1887, when Charles Augustus invented it, they have evolved very widely!

Software companies compete to gain the attention of a huge audience of players who demand more and more each year. Try the progressive jackpot slot machines and feel the moment you have the opportunity to become a millionaire with every turn.

. Roulette

It is synonymous with elegance and wealth. Roulette has got its name thanks to the French, although both Chinese and Romanians claim it has been invented. Thanks to celebrities such as Hamfry Bogart or Sean Connery, roulette has conquered our hearts with frequent screens. Cut it and kiss the ladies for luck while the ball jumps all over the wheel before falling into your chosen room!

. Video Poker
Video Poker

The history of this classic casino game is exciting and worth looking at. Many cultures claim that this game has come from them. However, the fact remains that the game we know it has been created in the United States in the 18th century.

The best feature of this game is the bluff - a strategy that makes your opponent think that you have a good hand, so that your opponent can leave the game because he thinks you will win because you have the best possible combination. Do you give up lying?

. Baccarat

There is no doubt that it is in France! Ian Fleming, our favorite filmmaker at 007, has helped this card game succeed by including it in his films. The key in this game is to get 9 with very specific rules. Win a casino in any of these gambling games!

. Dice

Perhaps one of the most challenging games when you have to learn how to play it, despite the fact that you just have to knock a couple of dice, and be successful enough to predict the outcome.

Its real challenge lies in the ability to understand the odds and to make bets accordingly.

When it comes to gambling with fake or real money, there are casino games that will remain unchanged despite various technological improvements. We've seen them in movies, read about them in books, and seen them in different serials. Check out the most popular games!